Friday, December 30, 2011

Create, Innovate, Lead

Tired of the same ol', same ol' ?

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Virginia's 11th Congressional District is home to the most creative, innovative, educated, and well-to-do voters in America. But do we lead in creative and innovative thinking when it comes to government?  Are the political leaders in this district creative and innovative?

Tired political leaders do not lead, create, or innovate. Tired parties try to contain and quash new and better ways of governing and serving. Tired incumbents stir fear and gerrymander their districts to guarantee their survival. Tired challengers invent new evils and enemies because they have nothing fresh to add to the discourse.

This is our chance to renew and renovate. This is our chance to reestablish our leadership role – not just here but throughout our state, our country, and across all countries. Now is our opportunity to dash the antiquated programs, outdated infrastructure, labor immobility, and uncompetitive markets that hold us back.  Now is our opportunity to show malice toward none, to practice liberty and justice for all.

We all have chances and choices.  Voters now have a chance to make important choices:  between tired orthodoxy and fresh thinking, between manufactured fear and genuine courage, between followers and leaders.

I choose fresh, thinking, genuine, courageous leaders.  I hope you will too.

Reposted from August 28, 2011