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Healthcare:  We're Not There Yet

  • Emphasize cost containment by moving away from fee-for-service while encouraging speedy diagnosis and treatment.
  • Remove barriers to national insurance markets to maximize cost competition, coverage, and portability. 
  • Reduce government's footprint – currently 50 percent of all U.S. healthcare spending – while seeking economies of scale.
  • Revise and update existing programs to meet these goals before implementing new programs.
  • Revise the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as it implements too many unfunded mandates, too little innovation, and a new regulatory environment without removing existing barriers to cost competition and buyer participation.

  • Coverage: Confront regulatory challenges to reduce insurance costs and attract buyers.
  • Cost: Move away from government paid fee-for-service and advocate competition.
  • Portability: Free movement encourages labor mobility and lowers unemployment. 
  • Economies of scale:  Use government's buying power in Medicare, Medicaid, and military healthcare programs to reduce costs.

  • Encourage national insurance markets and eliminate state-by-state regulation.
  • Maintain coverage for current participants; phase in sliding scale for benefit reductions as participant income increases.
  • Merge Medicare and Medicaid to pay for the insurance of only those in need regardless of age.
  • Eliminate the Medicare tax and fund the merged Medicare/Medicaid from general revenue.
  • Eliminate all pre-tax deductions for health insurance and expenditures.