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All About Mark

Hi, I’m Mark Gibson from northern Virginia’s 11th Congressional District and I’m running for Congress.  Welcome to my website.

Everything you see and read here at and on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube is designed and written by me:  no political consultants, no graphic designers, no ghost writers.  Family and friends offer feedback so my positions and postings are concise and straightforward; I encourage you to do the same by emailing me or clicking the "Email Mark" button in the navigation bar below.

I've lived in Fairfax since 1997 and am a lifelong Washington area resident. I have a Master's degree in Economics and over 20 years of management success. Currently I serve as chief operating officer for a small business in Fairfax.

A lot of people have asked me why I'm running for Congress. Two reasons: frustration and posterity. Frustration because the Congressional campaigns run by the major parties in 2010 were dominated by name-calling and finger-pointing rather than a discussion of problems we face as Americans and the solutions to these problems.

Posterity caused me to run because even though I love my job and what I do for a living, I love my kids more and want to ensure a bright future for them and all children. The major parties only seem to care about here and now, that is, how they can win elections and defer hard decisions. They've taken this approach for more than 10 years now, only to dim everyone's future.

Here at and on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube you’ll see me discuss problems and solutions in a commonsense, sensible way that – hopefully – will get you thinking and talking. The solutions to our problems as a nation are not complicated or convoluted, but they do require all of us to change – not only our individual way of thinking but also the way we think about our neighbors, our country, and all Americans.

Thanks for visiting.  Please consider me when voting on November 6.