Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Market Economy, Manageable Government

An empowering government ensures free markets.

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As a true independent, I’m not associated with any political party or movement.

I believe that democracy is good – it really is – and that free markets embody a democratic economy. By contrast, subsidies and tax deductions distort markets causing bias and favoritism. Free markets don't fail; they are distorted by anti-competitive behavior and policies that stifle competition and free entry into markets. Buyers and sellers need concise, timely information to make good decisions and markets need antitrust enforcement.

I believe that government and businesses are not “them” – they're “us” and we need both to work for us to succeed. Governments at all levels need to get out of owning or chartering enterprises. Our telecommunications is the least competitive and least innovative in the world because of local, state, and Federal meddling and self-interest.

I know that smaller government isn’t better government if it’s poorly managed. We need to reestablish government’s role to provide effective and efficient public services and goods – not simply making "payments to individuals". Government shouldn’t pick economic winners and losers, but it can invest in basic research that is distributed freely so industry can develop and innovate.

We need to invest in people and infrastructure to facilitate commerce and boost productivity. We need to remove all constraints to labor mobility by ending homeownership support, promoting nationwide health insurance markets, focusing on education and retraining, and encouraging unions to diversify its members’ skills.

The United States has top-notch workers and a hunger to produce and win; it's time to focus on what we do best and stop look over our shoulder. Let's innovate and compete, investing in people and infrastructure that empowers everyone.