Sunday, April 8, 2012

An Independent Campaign for VA-11

An independent candidate for Congress challenges the "recognized political parties"
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At first glance, this may appear foolhardy: an independent campaign in northern Virginia's 11th Congressional District, where the electorate is evenly split between the "recognized political parties".

But take a second look: a completely independent Congressman with no agenda other than effective and efficient government. That's what's missing and that's why I chose to run. There are no genuinely moderate and independent candidates presenting themselves in Virginia's 11th.

I know what needs to get done. I'm not so egotistical to believe that I'm the only one that can break the deadlock and relieve a polarized government, but I'm willing to try. If one of the candidates from the major parties wins, the residents of Virginia's 11th lose because we'll end up with more of the same where nothing constructive or important gets done.

I'd like to challenge the voters to focus their thoughts in a direction different and independent of the recent past. Not radical, but realistic. Not idealist, but practical. Not divisive, but cohesive. And finally – not outlandish, but sensible. I understand that voters will often choose candidates based on labels.  If you want to label me, please make it "independent moderate".

In order to get on the ballot of the 2012 General Election, I need to gather 1,500 signatures from eligible voters in the District. Consider signing the petition even if you can't see yourself voting for me. At the least, it will add vibrancy to the discussion. At best, it can demonstrate that the people – not the parties – dictate the outcome.