Sunday, November 4, 2012

An Open Letter to 11th District Voters

First of all – thank you.

To my family, friends, neighbors, and supporters: running for Congress was an audacious goal, you backed and encouraged me throughout the effort.

To ballot petition signers: even if you don't end up voting for me, you saw that greater ballot choice is vital to a dynamic democracy.

To those who may vote for me: by rejecting partisan bickering and inaction, you empower all of us to move forward together as a nation.

Has this run been a little farfetched? Maybe, but it was a little farfetched when our Founding Father brought forth a new nation in the face of the tyranny. Nowadays we suffer the tyranny of the major parties that bring forth candidates with little more to offer than their continued existence and strengthening of these "recognized political parties".

Has it been wasted effort? Definitely not. Civil discourse that focuses on the issues is never wasted effort. Nor is it wasted effort to get Congress moving – especially when the issues are great and resolutions within our reach.

I did my best to run an open campaign that got voters "inside the ropes" of the political process. I told voters that "what you see is what you get" with me and I never deviated from that promise. I accepted donations only from individual 11th District voters, never signed any pledges, and maintained my positions even if it meant losing endorsements.

As your Congressional representative, I will listen and I will lead. We may not always agree but I will do my best for our District and for the country as a whole.

Let's challenge the status quo of inaction and rancor. Let's do something audacious. Let's do something great.

Sincerely, Mark